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About Amelia

Amelia Kinkade is an international speaker and the author of the bestseller:
She is the founder of Amelia's ARK ANGEL Society, a charity that educates children in Africa so that they don't grow up to be poachers.
ARK ANGEL is a nonprofit charity that educates children in Zambia about wildlife conservation and the fragile nature of endangered species so that these children don't grow up to be poachers. Ark Angel also raises awareness about the plight of elephants in the wild and the need to ban ivory importation globally.

Miss Kinkade was featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America, and has recently been spotlighted by the New York Times, The Boston Northshore Sunday, The Chicago Tribune, ABC Online,Good Housekeeping Magazine, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, The London SundayNews of the World, You magazine in South Africa, Annabelle in Switzerland,and hundreds of other newspaper and magazines.

Amelia with her client
Her remarkable abilities have earned her appearances on shows such as Extra,The View, Jenny Jones, TheOther Half, the James Van Praagh Show, theAustralian Today Show, Carte Blanche in S. Africa, the Animal Planet Network, as well as numerous BBCtalk shows.

Her greatest honor was working with the horses of Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace, and taking a news crew into Pollsmoor prison in Africa where the inmates were smuggling kittens into their cells.

Her passions include working with White Lions, cheetah, tigers, penguins, and sharks, elephants in Africa and helping charities worldwide with their fund-raising.

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